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Presentation de l'association


The association "Tunisian Association of Technology and Sustainable Development" (ATTeDD) at the Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics of Sousse (ISTLS) is the latest born of the Institute. It was established in 2016. This initiative responded to a pressing demand from both students and ISTLS teachers. The objectives of this association consist mainly of: Animation of cultural and scientific life at university and elsewhere; Contribution to the organization of national and international cultural and scientific events.

These objectives will be achieved through the following means: The publication of cultural and scientific brochures reflecting the activities of the Association at local and international level; The organization of scientific and cultural conferences, seminars and congresses; Participation in cultural and scientific events outside the ISTLS; The contribution to the establishment of the material and logistical resources necessary for the organization of these events and to provide assistance to the cultural clubs acting within the ISTLS; The establishment of cooperative relations and the signing of partnership agreements with associations and other national and international structures with the aim of enriching cultural activity and cooperation in cultural and scientific fields.

Its steering committee consists of 12 members (7 teachers, 3 administrators and 2 students):

President: Dr. Chakib BEN NJIMA;

Vice President: Dr. Mehrez ABDELLAOUI;

Second Vice President: Dr. Ali HELLALI;

General Secretary: Mr. Bessem ELOUAER;

Assistant General Secretary: Mr. Ali MANSOUR;

Treasurer: Dr. Walid BEN MABROUK;

Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Ismail AMMARI;

Member: Miss Hadil CHAIEB;

Member: Miss Maryem KHARDENI.

Members in charge of mission: Dr. Aymen GHEDIRA; Dr. Hichem HASSINE; Dr. Abdesslem JBARA.